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UW's IHME Keeping Track of COVID-19 as the US and Washington State Economies Begin to Open

This seems to have already made the rounds. Nonetheless, If you have not already had a chance to review it, the University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation is maintaining a statistics and projected statistics tracker on COVID-19 (updated daily and/or as new information becomes available) on the spread of COVID-19 updated daily regarding excellent source of information being tracked on a daily basis by state, national and international media outlets.

For businesses looking at returning to (new) normal operations, this is a helpful tool for seeing where things are at without the often somewhat inaccurate and/or irrelevant information often provided in the media.

If anyone is looking for more specific information on statistics regarding COVID-19 in Washington State on a county-by-county basis, those numbers can be found here from the Washington State Department of Health.

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