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Starting and operating a business is one of the most significant risks and undertakings that one takes in his or her life. Not only does the success of the business impact the lives of its owners, but also the lives of the business’s employees, and the surrounding community. Businesses and their owners often face a costly uphill battle due to local, state and federal laws, regulations and taxes, employment disputes with current and/or former employees, disputes with co-owners and/or shareholders, globalization and outsourcing, and navigating an ever-changing economy in which the expectations of customers and vendors continue to evolve at an increasingly rapid pace.

Businesses and their owners often face a myriad of legal challenges within the course of doing business. The challenges vary as every business is unique due to among other factors, variations in size, industry, goods provided and/or services rendered, clientele, applicable laws and regulations, and technological innovation.


Consequently, it is crucial that businesses and their owners work with an attorney not only from the time of formation, but also as the business operates. Having an attorney who understands the business, its industry, its history, its owners, its clientele, and the potential legal issues it faces is especially important to ensuring that the business is able to continue operate and maintain profitability.

Attorney Joel Murray has spent over eleven years practicing law with a focus on providing legal counsel to businesses and their owners. And has represented numerous businesses of varying sizes and from diverse industries, and helped them to solve a diverse variety of legal challenges. Because of this, he is well acquainted with the many legal challenges that businesses face, and working with businesses to overcome the challenges in a cost-effective and pragmatic manner that allows the business to focus on serving its clientele instead of worrying about legal issues.

If you are seeking to start a business, have concerns about legal challenges facing your business, are seeking to grow your business, or are in a dispute with a current or former owner of your business, contact JFM Law today to schedule a consultation.


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