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KING-TV: Bellevue ER doctor: Coronavirus cases are leveling off

You typically will not see this firm posting news articles from KING-TV (a subsidiary of TEGNA Inc.). That said, at least in Washington State and the Greater Seattle Area, the past several days seem to indicate that COVID-19 cases have peaked, and/or that the "curve is flattening".

More "scientific" information about COVID-19 in Washington State, states around the United States, the United States as a whole, and other nations can be found at a website maintained by the University of Washington's Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. That website is found here.

For businesses these latest developments should offer a "glimmer of hope" that things will eventually begin to improve in terms of being able to operate. That being said, it seems highly likely that forms of "social distancing", similar practices, and variations thereof adopted during this pandemic will likely be around long-term.

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