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Law, government affairs, politics, and public policy often overlap. JFM Law provides legal services to clients in managing relations with local, state and federal government agencies, and elected officials. Government activity reaches into many areas of clients’ businesses and an attorney can assist with the development and implementation of a strategic approach to advocate for and/or oppose relevant legislation and/or ordinances, navigate government investigations and/or public relations crises, and accomplish your goals to allow your business to continue to operate in a profitable manner.

Attorney Joel Murray has experience with advocating for and against legislation in the United States Congress and the Washington State Legislature. He completed an externship and fellowship in the United States Senate, worked on multiple statewide political campaigns, and served as national president of a law student political organization. In addition, he provided legal counsel to a candidate for Congress and her campaign in one of the closest elections in the United States during the 2022 election cycle.

Joel maintains relationships with current and former Democratic and Republican Washington State elected officials.

Experience includes:

  • Litigation over ballot measures

  • Federal campaign finance law and ethics

  • Federal and state legislative advocacy

  • Federal and state regulation promulgation and rulemaking

  • Disputes with local and state government

If you, your business, non-profit organization, and/or political campaign are in need of legal counsel or government affairs services, contact JFM Law today to schedule a consultation.

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