In a constantly changing, increasingly automated and competitive economy, attorneys offering professional services must evolve and streamline their offerings to meet the ever-changing needs of clients as well as industry. JFM Law provides cost-effective and results-oriented legal and government relations services to businesses of all sizes and industries. A combination of humble creative, humble, innovative, knowledgeable, pragmatic, and transparent legal counsel is utilized to advance client goals, overcome challenges, and maximize return on investment.


Joel has a broad range of experience that includes administrative law, appeals and rulemaking, business and corporate law, consumer protection, government affairs, investigations and legislation, education, election law, employment law, litigation, local government and municipal law, real property law, tax law, trademark law, tribal law, and transportation and logistics. Joel is detail oriented and interested in new and “emerging” industries and areas of law. 


Local government experience includes cities and counties as well as state agencies on Ecology, Employment Security (“ESD”), Financial Institutions (“DFI”), Human Rights (“HRC”), Labor and Industries (“L&I”), Legislature, Liquor and Cannabis (“LCB”), Revenue (“DoR”), Social and Health Services (“DSHS”), and Utilities and Transportation (“UTC”).


Federal agency experience includes Agriculture, EEOC, Maritime Commission (“FMC”), Congress, Customs and Border Protection (“CBP”), Trademark(s) (“PTO”), and Transportation.


Joel maintains relationships with current and former local, state and federal elected officials of all political affiliations. He has contracted with multiple Washington State (“WA”) pro-education political campaigns, advocated for increased funding for higher education (chairing a 30,000 person+ member organization as an undergraduate at the University of Washington, and lobbying both Congress as well as the WA Legislature in favor of public education), completed a legal externship and fellowship in the United States (“US”) Senate, and chaired a national legal and political organization.


In addition to his broad legal practice experience and political activities, Joel has published several academic articles in law journals and also taught several continuing legal education (“CLE”) seminars.